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Connect to an Exchange server without using Outlook

If you don’t want to use Microsoft Outlook and your Exchange server does not support IMAP, there are a couple of options:


Hotmail Free POP3 Access

POP3 is now available to Hotmail users.


POP server: (Port 995)
POP SSL required? Yes
Username: Your Windows Live ID, for example
Password: The password you usually use to sign in to Hotmail or Windows Live
SMTP server: (Port 25)
Authentication required? Yes (this matches your POP username and password)
TLS/SSL required? Yes

Add line numbers using lineno.sty in RevTex 4

  1. Download the lineno Latex package.
  2. Unpack it (unzip and copy all lineno/*.sty files into the directory that contains your Latex document.
  3. In the Latex preamble include the line
    before the \documentclass{...} command.

    Note: this is necessary due to incompatibilities between the lineno package and RevTex. If you are not using RevTex to prepare your document you can also use the standard way: \usepackage{lineno}

  4. Line numbers can be activated by adding the line
    after \begin{document}

Convert eps files to jpg in Linux

To convert from eps to jpg using ghostscript:

gs -sDEVICE=jpeg -dJPEGQ=100 -dNOPAUSE -dBATCH -dSAFER -r300 -sOutputFile=myfile.jpg myfile.eps

This produces huge files. You can trim and resize them in image magick:

mogrify -trim -resize 800x600 myfile.jpg

Setup Mozilla Thunderbird to work with Microsoft Exchange Server

1. Setup a new account under Tools/Account Settings/Add Account…
Select “E-mail Account” and add your details.
Use IMAP and input your incoming exchange server (Try port 993 and SSL encryption).

2. Subscribe to all required folders by right clicking on the account name and choosing ‘Subscribe…’.

3. Change the trash folder’s name to ‘Deleted Items’:
Follow the instructions in the Mozilla Zine.
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